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Known for his hilarious and touching trilogy of one-person shows. View his official website at for a complete profile. Contact Anna Sponer ~ Agent/Manager for bookings.

Radio Interviews with Air Waves
hosted by Hamilton poet Bernadette Rule

Don't miss this energizing discussion with live performances by Charly Chiarelli's new musical ensemble, The Sunamabeaches. With Charly on vocals and harmonica, the group includes Gary Santucci and Venesio DeSalvo on guitars and Ron Weihs on fiddle.

Art Waves Sept. 2011 ~ Introducing Charly Chiarelli and The Sunamabeaches

Art Waves Dec. 2010 ~ Interview with Charly Chiarelli

Cu Fu Story - Charly Chiarelli


Agent & Personal Manager

It's very interesting that Charly's performances have been referred to in a variety of ways: stand-up comedy/storytelling, one-person plays, monologs, musical comedy, and even motivational speaking for populations such as health care professionals and educators. Since this prismatic perspective is assumed by audiences and presenters, it can be confidently stated that it's all of the above.

As well as being varied in terms of category, Charly's performances are flexible in terms of length. They can range from two hour performances (with intermission) to performances as short as your needs require - as well as the performance of vignettes as he acts as M.C. for a broad variety of events. Charly has performed for massive venues, including a Canada Day performance at Toronto's
Nathan Philips Square
to hotel conference centres and theatres in Canada and Europe

And fortunately for interested bodies who to book Charly to promote their venues (and especially audiences who will be in attendance), Charly's performances have been blessed with "over the top" positive responses.  Charly offers his talents and abilities as a comedian/storyteller, musician, actor, writer and M.C. to all interested bodies - especially hotels, theatres and events co-ordinators. My Name is Anna Sponer and I am fortunate and pleased to act as Charly's manager and personal agent, I will readily accommodate requests for bookings. Prepare to be delighted!!!

Musician:  Harmonica and vocals - live performances and recordings - jazz, blues, rock & world music.

Charly is available for corporate and private events of any size:
  • company holiday parties
  • tradeshows
  • conventions
  • sales meetings
  • festivals
  • award banquests
*also available as host/emcee

(Performances in English or Italian / Sicilian)

To book his performances contact:
Anna Sponer / Agent & Personal Manager