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Known for his hilarious and touching trilogy of one-person shows. View his official website at for a complete profile. Contact Anna Sponer ~ Agent/Manager for bookings.

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hosted by Hamilton poet Bernadette Rule

Don't miss this energizing discussion with live performances by Charly Chiarelli's new musical ensemble, The Sunamabeaches. With Charly on vocals and harmonica, the group includes Gary Santucci and Venesio DeSalvo on guitars and Ron Weihs on fiddle.

Art Waves Sept. 2011 ~ Introducing Charly Chiarelli and The Sunamabeaches

Art Waves Dec. 2010 ~ Interview with Charly Chiarelli

Cu Fu Story - Charly Chiarelli


Monday, December 13, 2010

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Charly Chiarelli - Storytelling, Acting & Musical Creativity

Cu'Fu blends storytelling, acting and musical creativity in a way which leaves audiences spellbound. Cu'Fu is the first of Charly Chiarelli's triology for TV, which is followed by Mangiacake and Brutta Figura. Though Cu'Fu is an intensely personal story of cultural transplantation, it resonates with universal themes, making it a story for all times and all people.

The scene of Charly getting his old Sicilian parents stoned on marijuana is exceptionally hilarious and profound. Charly's work transcends stereotypes. Charly's virtuoso harmonica playing ripples through elegantly interwoven scenes as he accompanies himself with a mosaic of original Anglo/Sicilian blues and haunting tunes from the old-country.

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McMaster University Alumni Gallery ~  Inducted: 2003

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Charly ~ Musician | Harmonica and vocals - live performances and recordings - jazz, blues, rock & world music.  Available for corporate and private events of any size:
  • company holiday parties
  • tradeshows
  • conventions
  • sales meetings
  • festivals
  • award banquests
  • host/emcee

Charly performs in English or Italian / Sicilian.

*Contact Anna Sponer (Agent & Personal Manager)  for more info or to arrange a booking.